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Advanced Photoshop View details

This will be a practical weekly course consisting of Screen demonstrations and practical tasks covering: Image enhancement set up to final processes for production of images. Own practical image development is encouraged using Photoshop Use of creating use of layers, montage, blend modes, filters and professional retouch techniques. As student knowledge, skill and confidence grows, the course tutor will assign practical tasks which will allow students to work independently and practice new skills - although the tutor will always be on hand to support and give help, guidance and feedback relating to progress. A work book is encouraged to be completed for evidence, to show own development, for reference and achievement to ensure learners are aware of personal progress throughout the course.

Advanced Pottery Course View details

Using the creative process as a basis of your ceramic making. Develop a personal project and share your work with others.

Advanced Sewing & Dressmaking View details

This course will cover advanced dressmaking skills including more challenging techniques on a wide range of fabrics using a range of sewing machines.

Advanced Sewing Skills View details

On this course students who already have sewing skills with learn a range of more technical skills, practicing them on a selection of projects. Through this method of learning students will understand when it is appropriate to use each technique to its benefit in their own work. Students will have a number of weeks on the course to use the techniques learnt and apply them to projects of their choice with support and guidance from the tutor

Advanced Spanish View details

This course will improve learners grammatical knowledge and will also improve their Spanish conversational skills. This is a very interactive course in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.

Adventures in Astronomy View details

An introduction to Astronomy, this course will cover the basics of: what is visible in the night sky with the naked eye: the constellations, the moon and the planets

Afternoon talk - Bird Poems of the Romantic Poets View details

he bird is traditionally an image of the poetic voice and, as such, held much appeal for poets of the Romantic period - and beyond. We shall read about the nightingale and the skylark, of course, but also the snipe and the owl, always looking to discover the poets’ perspective on each bird - from the ethereal to the terrestrial, from the fanciful to the carefully observed.

Afternoon Yoga for Everybody View details

Yoga is a traditional and contemporary class. Each week there is a guided yoga practice where we work on a variety of practices and techniques including posture, breath and meditation.

Afternoon Yoga for Everybody View details

The course is suitable for all ages, for beginners and those who already practise yoga. The practices will involve a wide range of techniques including body, breath, meditation, study and reflection.

'All The Queen's Men' View details

The last of the Tudor monarchs, Elizabeth the 1st, became one of the greatest Queens in English history. She was an exacting taskmaster who demanded unrivalled loyalty from all those who served her. The course focuses on the men who were the power behind her throne and the political lengths they went to for glory and honour from their queen. We see how Elizabeth played the game of courtly love and toyed with both English and Foreign suitors. We appraise how she used her courtiers to create one of the most glittering courts in Europe. We consider the unstoppable rise of England as a sea-faring nation and the lucrative trade routes of the New World. We assess the reasons why, in her older years, she modelled herself as the Virgin Queen and, how she used her network of spies to keep her enemies at bay, including the threat from the mighty Spanish invasion, after which her reign was celebrated as the Golden Age of Elizabeth 1.