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Robert Louis Stevenson's Fables - Online with Dr. Robert-Louis Abrahamson View details

This course is fully online accessing the course through Canvas our virtual learning environment and zoom a video conferencing software. You will need reliable internet connection and internet-linked device with camera and microphone. We will email you links to canvas, please accept these to access the course, the sender will show as “instructure”. Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, and many other classics, wrote little fables and fairy tales throughout his life. Not published in his lifetime for fear that their subversive nature would ruin his high literary reputation. There are twenty-two "fables", ranging from two lines to about five pages. We will also consider the literary merits of these stories, which have been called, by one critic the finest example of Stevenson's story-telling talents.

Upcycling - Creative recycled crafts View details

A practical, online, creative course involving discussion, tutor instruction, group demonstration and practical crafting. Explore and discuss the value and possibilities of upcycling, sustainability and resourcefulness in craft. Learn about how a few simple adaptations, additions and techniques can transform household waste into fabulous, useful and beautiful items. In session one we will explore simple book folding to create decorative sculptures for display around the home or gifting, so please bring an old book which you don't mind adapting into a sculpture (or which you don't want to read again - an old, paperback novel would be great), a ruler, pencil and an open mind. From here we will select options for crafting projects over the remaining sessions according to group members' interests and access to materials. This could include rag rugging, patchworking, making woven magazine bags, coiled paper bowls, fabric mache, tin can lanterns and stationery from cardboard boxes.

Beginners Dressmaking and Sewing Techniques View details

If you’ve ever fancied learning to sew or perhaps been gifted a sewing machine or maybe realised you’ve forgotten what Dressmaking you were taught at school! This course will teach how to start sewing and dressmaking. What simple techniques there are, where problems might arise and how to deal with them. The course will have lots of demonstrations and you will be expected to “sew along” with me. Students will need to have their own sewing machine and sewing kit with materials and notions.

Egypt’s last Pharaoh – Cleopatra VII and the Roman Conquest of Egypt View details

How did ancient Egyptian independence end? What happened to Egypt under the Roman yoke? With the death of Cleopatra VII the once great civilization of Egypt became a province of Rome and famously the breadbasket of Rome. Taught from the perspective of an Egyptologist rather than a Romanist this course will explore using translations of primary sources developments in late Ptolemaic Egypt leading up to the Roman period and aspects of early Roman rule in Egypt. We will discuss cultural fusion not only in religion but also in administration, art and religion and consider how Rome influenced Egyptian political affairs long before Egypt was a Roman province.

Conversation Club (PE) View details

This is a short beginners and low level speaking course designed to help you develop some basic speaking and listening skills in and English. You will learn some basic everyday conversations and practice conversations in different situations where you need to be understood and to understand what is being said to you. This is a friendly and relaxed class where you will be introduced to some basic everyday language. You will learn key phrases and key words to help you understand what you hear and then practice in small groups or pairs.

Building your first Website View details

This course will introduce you to the process of designing your own website for the first time. We will use Wix to explore how to set up a professional website that will entice customers and clients and appear on search engines, widening your potential customer base. Each student will have the opportunity to personalise their own website, depending on the product or service they are offering. By the end of the course you will have started to design your own website and have a clear idea of next steps to improve and develop your website over time. Included in the course we will discuss SEO (search engine optimisation) which are the things we can do to appear in google and other search engine searches. We will also look at blogging and integrating social media to widen your client base and create a successful website for your business.

Award in preparing to work in adult social care View details

This course will explore the type of job roles and services within the adult social care sector, the role of communication and the importance of valuing the individuals being cared for.

The Italian Renaissance 1500 - 1550 View details

In the years after 1500 art was booming, above all in Rome where the popes called on such great artists as Michelangelo and Raphael to enhance their power. This provided the opportunity for some of the masterpieces of European art to be created. In architecture this included palaces in Rome and above all the rebuilding of St Peters. In painting we have the Sistine chapel and the masterpieces of Raphael and his contemporaries. But art was produced elsewhere in Italy – Leonardo worked in Florence and Milan and in the work of Giorgione Venice began its ascent as a distinctive artistic centre. This course will give you a chance to explore the works of these artists and their contemporaries and develop your skills in art appreciation.

Painting Practice View details

This course is ideal for those wishing to continue their painting practice in their home environment and gain knowledge and feedback through interacting online with their tutor and their peers. Students will have the opportunity to engage in project based practical assignments and gain support throughout from their tutor, including help and advice for works in progress.

Art for All View details

This friendly and relaxed course will provide the opportunity for you to develop your painting and drawing skills as well as your knowledge and appreciation of art. This course is designed for all levels and abilities with individual guidance from the tutor to develop your own interests and projects. We will cover the fundamentals of painting and drawing according to your level of experience through drawing, looking at tone, colour theory, and techniques in a variety of media.