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An Introduction to Antiques, Vintage and Collectables View details

Professional auctioneer, Stephen Poulter, reveals how the world of antiques, vintage items and collectables really works and shows how easy it is for anyone to start buying or collecting in these areas. We will explore the many different categories and periods of antique and vintage items which can be purchased from auctions, antiques markets, car boot sales and online. Students will acquire techniques for researching, identifying and valuing a whole range of antiques, vintage items and collectables.

An Introduction to Counselling and Mentoring Skills View details

This course will enable participants to understand the roles of a counsellor and mentor. They will also learn the key skills required in both roles. The course will also look at case studies and how to approach the mentoring partnership as well as setting ground rules for the relationship. Attendees will also be able to appreciate the value of and set SMART objectives.

An Introduction to Medieval Art View details

Great riches in painting, sculpture, architecture, manuscripts and glass were produced in Europe between 1150 and 1350. Patronage was provided by church and court, often centring on objects and artifacts made for devotional purposes and displaying great delicacy and skill of manufacture. The use of gold, precious stones and intricate carving resulted in the treasures to be found, for example, in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries of the V&A. There will be a visit to the V&A as part of the course if the students agree.

An introduction to Mixed Crafts View details

Students will be introduced to a variety of craft projects celebrating the Autumn months. Projects to include leaf printing, fox pin cushions, twig photo hangers and Halloween banners.

An Introduction to Mixed Media Art View details

A relaxed and friendly course that will combine basic drawing and painting skills with expressive painting, ink drawing and collage techniques. You will be encouraged to experiment with a range of media and to develop your creative response to a variety of themes, enabling you to produce stunning original artworks.

Ancient Egypt View details

The Ancient Egyptian Civilisation is probably the most fascinating ancient culture in the world. The Egyptian rooms at the British Museum always attracts huge numbers. So why does it never cease to intrigue us with its temples filled with frescoes, giant sculptures litter the country giving us clues to who those ancient people were, how they lived, how they saw the world and what was their relationship with the Gods and the afterlife? Even more so, the pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza, pose questions: why were they built and how old are they really? These are some of the questions that will try to be answered in this course so that we can examine the contribution they have made to the world we know.

Ancient Egypt: From Taharqa to Cleopatra Part 1 View details

Discover one of the hidden histories of Egypt after the pharaohs of the New Kingdom. This course will explore the fascinating Late Period of ancient Egypt, a time which juxtaposes strength, renaissance, trade, cultural fusion and autonomy with occupation, conflict and division. The rule of Nubian Pharaoh Taharqa is followed by brief Assyrian involvement leading to Twenty-Sixth dynasty Egypt which, with high quality art and monumental tombs, should be considered one of the gems of Pharaonic history. This apogee of the Late Period is replaced by the first of two Persian occupations, the second of which is brought to an end by the shattering conquest of Alexander the Great in 332 BC.

Ancient Egypt: The Formative Years View details

How did ancient Egypt develop? What preceded the pyramids? In this course we answer these questions and more as we trace the progression of peoples in Egypt from the first established settlements in the Nile Valley to unification. We look at early archaeology, writing, art and artefacts investigating both cultural development and political dynamics. We journey through the process of state formation in Egypt, exploring the transition from a pre-pharaonic neolithic culture to a historic civilization and divine kingship. We conclude with Early Dynastic Egypt, the large-scale pharaonic tombs at Abydos and the development of advanced administration that paves the way for the Old Kingdom.

Ancient Egypt: The Pyramid Age View details

This course will introduce the ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom or Pyramid age, studying the history, buildings and art of this foundation phase of the ancient Egyptian civilization. We will trace Egyptian history from unification to the decline of the Old Kingdom, we will study the evolution and construction of pyramids and state institutions. Old Kingdom art provided a benchmark for millennia in Ancient Egypt and in this course will be follow a number of important case studies considering tomb reliefs and artefacts. Finally we will review the end of the Old Kingdom including the 94 year reign of Pepi II.

And Before Shakespeare......The Mystery Plays View details

It sometimes seems as if the explosion of drama onto the Elizabethan stage sprang fully formed from nowhere. But, of course, as Shakespeare himself observed, nothing will come of nothing. There is imput from classical and contemporary European drama, but England too had a rich and developing history of drama, before theatre. Starting from a religious base, simple bible tales were transformed into realistic, and often comic, drama. Gradually invented stories commenting satirically on the original appear, then allegorical plays and and by the sixteenth century plays produced simply for entertainment. The day will be based on a play from one of the cycles of mystery plays and the more ambitious Second Shepherds’ Pageant from the Wakefield plays. The day will begin with a 2 hour session, followed by a lunch break and two one and a half our sessions with a tea break.