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Get Started with Blogging View details

This will be a course that takes you from initial ideas to coming up with detailed plans, writing blogs, creating graphics, editing, publishing and promoting your blogs. It's suitable for beginners or people who would like to be more organised and consistent when blogging. We'll look at how to promote your blog on social media and where you can duplicate your writing without damaging your SEO (how easily you can be found on Google etc).

Treasures of World Art History 2 View details

Over three weeks, we will explore a selection of key works in art history, looking beyond the familiar to develop a deeper understanding what makes these works not only masterpieces in their own right, but milestones in art history, Taking a closer look at each of the works, we will learn more about their history and composition, and the techniques and styles used by the artist. We will look into what is innovative or special about them. We will also develop our understanding of how art developed across the world and how different peoples and periods had different ideas about art, its role and meaning. Whilst a continuation of Part 1, this course is for new as well as returning students.

Life in the UK for Arabic Speakers: online course View details

In this course, we will focus on the importance of mutual knowledge of different values, cultures and practices that enhance social bonds and help in practical life.

Italian beginners View details

If you have little or no knowledge of the Italian language then this course is for you! We will continue our introduction into the language with more shopping, eating and finding out what's on. We will also look at numbers and telling the time. Grammar will be around nouns, adjectives and the articles "the" and "a".

Level 2 Award in Preparation for Work in Community Interpreting View details

This is an accredited course. You will need to talk to a member of staff and do a short activity to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464 This course is for students who are interested in community interpreting work in a voluntary or paid capacity. You will gain knowledge and skills of community interpreting; learning about the role of codes of practice and the settings where interpreters may be required to work (including housing, education, social care, welfare benefits, immigration and health.)

Build Your Own WordPress Site View details

Putting into practice the skills learned on the previous two courses you will learn how to set up your own WordPress website from scratch. The course follows the process of installing a WordPress site on a hosting platform in conjuction with a domain name. You will design a sitemap for your website and learn how to source and select a suitable WordPress theme.

Exploring Careers in Heritage, Conservation and Collections Care View details

Have you ever thought that you'd like to work in the heritage sector? Have you wondered how you would do this? This course will answer these questions for you. Over four weeks we will look at the careers available in conservation and collections care. We will look in depth at what conservators and collections care professionals actually do. We will examine the skills you need to become a conservator and look at routes into the profession, training courses and internships.

Drawing for the Terrified with Karen Davies View details

Think you can't draw but always wanted to have a go and don't know where to start? This course will introduce the basics and get you drawing.

Art for All with Karen Davies View details

This friendly and relaxed course will provide the opportunity for you to develop your painting and drawing skills as well as your knowledge and appreciation of art. This course is designed for all levels and abilities with individual guidance from the tutor to develop your own interests and projects. We will cover the fundamentals of painting and drawing according to your level of experience through drawing, looking at tone, colour theory, and techniques in a variety of media.

The Histories of Herodotus with Gary Slator View details

During the term, we will discover the archaeological, historical and geographical background to the history of Herodotus, exploring the nature of civilisation in Egypt as recounted by Herodotus during the 7th and 6th centuries BC. We will examine his description of the geography, customs and animals of Egypt, and attempt to discover the accuracy or misrepresentation of those features.We will go onto examine and compare his account of Egyptian history, society and government, against the known facts obtained through modern research. We will focus on the character of the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty and the Saite period, as well as speculating upon some of Herodotus' observations which remain unproven. We will conclude with an examination of the identity and historicity of the legendary king "Sesostris" by Herodotus, and how reliable such a description of his achievements might be for modern Egyptology.