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American Literature: The twentieth-century short story View details

Alongside our examination of a selection short stories from the John Updike edited collection. We will explore place, society, politics, culture, etc that helped shaped the stories and America itself over the 20th century.

An Historic Tour of Suffolk from the 17th to 20th centuries View details

From gentlewoman Celia Fiennes account of her excursions in the late 17th century, via Daniel Defoe's best-selling book Tours Through the Whole Island of Great Britain in the 1720s, to the enormously popular 20th century King's England Guides of Arthur Mee this presentation charts more than 300 years of change in the landscape and settlements of the historic County of Suffolk. Using the original observations and recommendations of travellers to this area in the past combined with a wealth of period paintings, antiquarian engravings, vintage postcards and modern photographs this will be a fascinating and unusual perspective on the history of Suffolk.

An introduction to Complementary Therapy View details

Explore a range of complementary therapies including Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage and Stress management. You will also compare attitudes and outlooks and will explore life-style choices in relation to your wellbeing. Your choices will form tools for you to use to shape your life.

An Introduction to Family History View details

For anyone who wants to use the Internet to trace their family tree and discover how their ancestors lived in times past. We will look at the various types of resources that can be found online, learn about their historical context and what information we can glean from them to build a family history. Learners will also be encouraged to manage and maintain a folder containing evidence of their research.

An Introduction to Mentoring View details

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to work as a mentor in any environment. Participants will discuss the role of a mentor and the importance of setting ground rules with mentees. Students will learn and practice a number of key mentoring skills including assertiveness, active listening, questioning and giving feedback. The class is conducted in a safe and friendly environment where students may feel relaxed to work in groups to practice these skills. Students will examine case studies and discuss the challenges and solutions of a mentoring relationship.

An Introduction to Safeguarding and PREVENT for Volunteers View details

This short course will give you a broad overview of our responsibilities towards safeguarding and PREVENT. We will look at the difference between the two things and consider how our organisations should approach these responsibilities.

An introduction to the beautiful art of copperplate writing View details

A wonderful opportunity to learn the graceful style of Copperplate Calligraphy, including lower case and capital letters, the construction of elegant flourishes and apply these techniques to produce a finished piece of calligraphy.

An introduction to theatre and drama View details

This short course involves exploring acting and other creative expression. We will cultivate a short story in either a theatrical or filmed format that will be shared with an audience at the end of the course

Anderson and Fawcett: Suffolk Sisters, National Activists View details

Growing up in Suffolk in the mid 19th century, Elizabeth and Millicent were encouraged to be interested in the issues of the day, and, unusually, to express their thoughts and opinions. Elizabeth had aspirations to enter medicine but early attempts to get into medical school were rejected. She had to leave the country to gain the qualifications to become a Doctor. Inspired by John Stuart Mill, Millicent focussed her energy on the struggle to improve women’s opportunities, particularly for higher education. She began leading a powerful, mass campaign to get women the vote and she is remembered as a significant figure in the Suffragist movement.This day school examines the circumstances of the sister's lives, their journey as 19th century pioneers; concluding by examining the impact of the sisters' contribution to women's empowerment, social justice and regional history.

Anger Management View details

The course will teach practical models to help understand and control your anger. You will also have the time and space to explore your own anger process and uncover the thinking patterns that may contribute to your anger issues. You will learn the real nature of Anger and learn techniques that will work for anyone, even if you currently feel powerless to change. You will end up feeling calm, confident and assertive. In addition, you will learn powerful models from Transactional Analysis to help you understand your relationships with others. This will also help you to avoid anger situations by being appropriately assertive and problem-solving. By the end of the course, you will have written your own unique action plan that will help you control your anger in any situation