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Portraiture - How to Draw Your Loved Ones View details

Have you always wished you could draw? Why not join me on this relaxed, fun course with like-minded people. I will guide you through drawing different features of the face with some useful tips. All you need is your pencil and some paper. We will also look at art by some popular or well-known portrait artists and their styles.

"Ye Olde Capital of England" A History of Winchester View details

Winchester is a very beautiful city with a lot of history, not least that it was once the old capital of England. This cours aims to provide interesting and historical information about Winchester it its early years. Join me as we journey back through time in a quest to uncover interesting information and facts about this lovely city. There will be a variety of activities and resources from pictures to fun quizzes on this informative and interesting course.

Music History - Online with Wendy Morrow View details

This course is fully online accessing the course through Canvas our virtual learning environment and zoom, a video conferencing software. You will need reliable internet connection and internet-linked device with camera and microphone. We will email you links to canvas, please accept these to access the course, the sender will show as “instructure”. This five week course will take the learner on a journey from the Greeks to the present day and outline the Musical Styles and composers of each era. We will ask the question "how much did the innovations and accompanying beliefs of each era influenced the Music of it's period, or did Music indeed influence the course of Human thought ?' We will also track the purpose of Music in each period to see how it has evolved over time.

Machine Sewing for Beginners View details

Have you received a sewing machine as a present but not sure how to use it? Maybe you would like to learn how to make clothes for yourself or your family or just do your own clothing alterations? Learn how to use a sewing machine with confidence to save money, while experiencing the satisfaction and fulfilment of creating your own sewing projects. Understand sewing terms and jargon. This online course will use Zoom video conferencing and WEA's virtual learning platform, Canvas.

Developing English Skills for ESOL students View details

This course is designed for those for whom English is a second language and those who are looking to develop their core English skills. It aims to enhance adult learners' skills and develop an increased understanding of English through reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The aim of this course is to improve conversational skills through the means of vocabulary and grammar appropriate to this level. This will be taught through various teaching and learning methods. There will be opportunities to have class discussions, as well as discussions in smaller groups in order to give feedback and encourage class participation. The objectives of this course is to help adult learners use English with accuracy. Topics will include: Describing Experiences, Communication, Storytelling and more.

Functional Skills Qualification in English Level 1 View details

This course will help you to communicate confidently in a wide range of everyday and formal situations. You will develop your planning skills to help you to write sequentially and coherently, and improve your reviewing skills so you can identify and correct a range of errors in a text. You will consider the use of sentence grammar and punctuation to ensure you communicate effectively and clearly. You will look at how we adapt our communication depending on who we are talking to. You will develop skills to predict the meaning of a text when reading, using vocabulary, grammatical features, and indirect cues. Please note: Before you can join the course, you will need to attend an initial assessment session to make sure that this course is the right one for you.

Italian Cuisine (English speaking) View details

With one eye always focused on a healthy and varied diet (and the other focused on the budget!), we will take a journey through the Italian home cooking tradition. Every lesson you will learn how to cook a new Italian dish, following step by step instruction from our expert Italian tutor. You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to cook Italian food, but the course will also provide you with the inspiration to develop your own ideas and to transfer these skills to other exciting recipes. At the end of the course you will be able to organize a real Italian dinner experience, from the starter to the dessert, to impress your friend's and family's palate.

Spanish for Beginners View details

You will learn how to communicate in everyday situations, including introducing yourself, saying where you are from, introducing others, ordering, accepting and refusing drinks, getting directions, and learning numbers. The main aim is communication, and grammar is introduced as an aid to further understanding and using the language. This is the first of three terms, and you will be able to continue on to terms 2 and 3 if you wish to.

Understanding the Role of a Community Interpreter View details

Before you can do this course, you will need to talk to a member of staff and do a short activity to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464. In this course you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a community interpreter and the settings in which they work. You will also discuss the differences in public service provision between the UK and another country and learn about the dynamics of communities regarding access to public services. You will develop your knowledge of public service terminology and language difficulties which may arise in community interpreting situations.

ESOL Entry 1 & 2 Initial Assessment View details

Students wishing to join an EME course need to complete an initial assessment before they start. The initial assessment event is designed to test students’ current skills. During initial assessment, students will work with WEA staff to agree the current level that they are working at and discuss the best course for them to develop their skills.