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Advanced German View details

This course will cover: Cultural events. Holidays. History. Geography. Literature.

Advanced Italian View details

This course is aimed at people who have an intermediate/advanced knowledge of the Italian language, but keen to develop it further. The course will focus on oral, listening and speaking skills, but also reading and writing, so that the student will be able to communicate effectively. Being focused on communication skills, active participation during the classes will be encouraged. Each term the course will cover a different topic designed to broaden the learner's understanding of Italian society, culture and lifestyle

Advanced Latin for Pleasure View details

Come and translate Latin in a friendly, supportive and stimulating group. We shall tackle two core texts (one verse and one prose) alongside shorter extracts of other relevant texts. All students will have plenty of opportunities to translate, discuss and benefit from the wide range of insights provided by all the members of the class. Wherever possible we will consider the impact of Latin literature on modern European society and culture and its links to modern debates. Discussions are also intended to enable students to gain more from their own visits to museums and classical sites. Students will be invited to prepare some translation at home as well as translating unseen in class but the atmosphere is always relaxed and students can set their own pace for independent work. This course is for anyone who is reasonably confident with Latin and who wishes to gain first-hand experience of some of Europe's finest literature and its continued fascination for people today.

Advanced Yoga View details

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to bring a sense of unity to the experience of the mind and body so that we can become more aware of who we are. There are many different styles of yoga, the yoga taught on this course falls under the broad banner of Hatha Yoga, which is a gentle and meditative form of yoga that is suitable for all. The course will cover basic principles of yoga through practice of posture work, breath work and relaxation. Particular attention will be given to the foundation of a posture, using the contact of the body with the ground to bring greater stability and strength to the yoga practice.

Adventures in Autumn Astronomy View details

An introduction to Astronomy, this course will cover the basics of: what is visible in the Autumn night sky with the naked eye: the constellations, the moon and the planets, with a little more in-depth study

Aerial Archaeology View details

This short day-school will introduce students to the theory and practice of Archaeological Air Photography. How and why crop, shadow, soil and natural marks are formed and what they mean (where we know) will be covered. Aircraft, cameras, film and weather will be discussed and examples from flying in Lincolnshire will be used to illustrate the talk. The speaker is an active air photographer in Lincolnshire.

Aerobics View details

This course supports learners to develop their skills in Aerobics. Learners will be encouraged to recognise the benefits of regular practice of aerobics or fitness activities, to their physical and mental well-being. Learners will improve their coordination, balance, cardio, suppleness and strength through a variety of movements and exercises.

African Drumming Taster View details

Come and join us for a fun session of drumming. We will learn some traditional West African rhythms on djembe drums. We will also play some rhythm games and activities using boomwhackers. If you have always wanted to play music with other people this is a great opportunity. Stress busting, fun, exciting and mixing focus and relaxation. Good for people interested in mindfulness. All drums and equipment provided. Bring your playful self!

Afrikan History - Advanced View details

The course is a follow up to the basic course. We will look at ancient African civilisations in more detail with emphasis on Technology and Architecture. Historical figures of the ancient and modern world will also be featured in more detail, 'the Heroes and ''She''roes' of 'Black' history. We will also look in greater detail at the various models of sociological and psychological schools of thought in terms of analizing the ''Black experience'' and ways forward The 'Black British experience will also be featured. At this advanced level Students will also participate more, in terms of research and forms of feedback.

Afrikan History - Beginners View details

This course is unconventional, in that it focuses on Africa at its zenith. A time when Africa influenced the world. We look at the various stages in history when Africans from different parts of the continent, were leaders in warfare, trade and exploration and innovation. This is the untold story of the skill, ingenuity and technical mastery of women and men from the continent and those in the diaspora. This is the story of Africa that you wont find in most schools and colleges or conventional history books. Central to the course is a focus on the ancient civilisations of East, West, and South Africa. Finally with classes including Sociology , Psychology, Media and Nutrition, we look at the impact on the physical mental and psychological health of 'Black' people.