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Music Appreciation: Beethoven in 11 Pieces with Nicholas Redihough View details

Students on this course will be able to appreciate the music of Beethoven, starting with eleven significant compositions, one per week, and hopefully broadening out from there to include different pieces by Beethoven. We will listen to and evaluate the compositions which represent the development of Beethoven's musical style through his three main stylistic periods. Students will have the opportunity to present their own recommendations, to engage with the biography of the composer and discuss their responses to the music in its historical context, with a view to including and considering aspects of the social, political and cultural background.

The Sceptered Isle with Gary Slator View details

We will begin by looking at the later years of the reign of Richard I, and the difficulties he faced in maintaining Angevin authority throughout his Angevin possessions. We will go on to examine the subsequent collapse of the Angevin Empire under John, and his struggles with his barons that resulted in the first edition of Magna Carta. We will then make a wider assessment of the reign of Henry III, focusing in particular on his own difficulties in establishing an independent rule under his barons - and then the circumstances which then led to the outbreak of hostilities as the Barons War. Further, we will also look at the evolution of Henry's Parliament, and the issue of anti-Jewish legislation and policies that resulted in the expulsion of Jewish communities from England, as well as Henry's strategy in dealing with European affairs.

Rediscovering Impressionism 1850 – 1886 (including two London gallery visits) View details

Impressionism, “the new painting”, was an artistic revolution. We will explore its origins by contrasting it with classical aesthetic promoted by the Academie des Beaux-Arts, by highlighting the role of photography, and studying precursors such as Turner, Courbet and Manet. We will then take a close look at the Impressionist group itself in order to reveal the diversity in aims, subjects and styles among its members. We will also study some lesser known figures such as Morisot, Cassatt, and Caillebotte. Finally, we will compare the French art scene to the English, Scandinavian, German and American ones.

History of Ideas View details

A multidisciplinary course, drawing on ideas from philosophy, art, history and literature. Each session will focus on a text and we will discuss the impact and implications of its key ideas. The ideas are: Aristotle's virtue ethics; Mary Wollstonecraft's feminism; the short story form; JS Mill and freedom of speech; the blues; transhumanism.

The American Dream: Literature in Twentieth Century America View details

We will determine the concept of the American Dream and investigate its utopian and dystopian properties through a range of texts, situated in both the US and abroad. We will discover how valid the concept was and whether it continues to exert influence.

Philosophy behind the Headlines View details

The course will briefly introduce the principal ideas of a selection of philosophers and apply these to the discussion of the news headlines and the controversies that lie behind them. This course will encourage discussion and sharing of ideas about current affairs and will involve reflecting on how to make philosophy a part of this discussion. Venue is at Blue Beetle Room, next to St Mary's Church, Hendon Lane

Improve your Self-confidence at WHIST View details

This is a face-to-face course which supports learners to develop their self confidence skills in Salsacise. Learners will be encouraged to recognise the benefits to their physical and mental well-being of a regular practice of salsacise, dancing or fitness skills. Learners will improve their coordination, balance, cardio, suppleness and strength through a variety of movements and exercises.

Level 1 Award in Creative Craft – Textiles View details

This is an accredited course. You will need to talk to a member of staff and do a short initial assessment activity to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464 On this course you will undertake a textiles project to produce a design of your own choice with support and guidance from your tutor. You will explore the properties and characteristics of different materials and develop your use of tools and equipment for working with selected materials. You will also learn about health and safety procedures. When you have completed your project, you will have the opportunity to review it and share it with the group.

Creative Writing - Thursdays with Cath Humphris View details

These are practical sessions intended to encourage the development of a writing habit. The course will begin with a series of starter exercises designed to create a friendly and positive group environment. The following five sessions will be based on various aspects of writing theory, each accompanied by a guided exercise that leads into an optional homework task. This tutor focuses on prose forms, particularly short story and flash fiction, but she encourages experimentation with style and form, and expects students to follow their own approaches to writing. Canvas will provide a place where the group can share their writing. The emphasis is on enjoyment and developing confidence in your 'writing voice'. Information and advice about competitions and other submission opportunities will be included.

Creative Writing - Writing your first Novel View details

Everyone has a novel in them, and if you have always wanted to find a story to tell then this course is for you. The course is designed for beginners to novel writing, as well as learners who have a passion for writing and want to pen their first novel, or have an early draft of a piece of work that they wish to develop and bring up to industry standard. You will be learning to tell rich and engaging stories that resonate with your readers; and begin to understand the basic principles of longform storytelling. If you have a burning idea and need support building it into a full work of fiction, then this introductory session could be the beginning of your journey. You will cover the key pillars of creating fiction, such as description, dialogue, structure and character. Craig J. Rickard has been working in the industry for two decades and specialises in working with new and unpublished writers. Several of his students have gone on to be published in various genres and mediums.