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Advanced Drama View details

Creating a production of Charlie and the chocolate factory - we will work with scripts to devise the play which will consist of drama, music and dance. The production will be staged and recorded. Students will be expected to retain lines, songs and movement and some stage management.

Advanced German Conversation View details

This course will cover: Cultural events. Holidays. History. Geography. Literature.

Advanced Latin for Pleasure View details

Come and translate Latin in a friendly, supportive and stimulating group. We shall tackle two core texts (one verse and one prose) alongside shorter extracts of other relevant texts. All students will have plenty of opportunities to translate, discuss and benefit from the wide range of insights provided by all the members of the class. Wherever possible we will consider the impact of Latin literature on modern European society and culture and its links to modern debates. Discussions are also intended to enable students to gain more from their own visits to museums and classical sites. Students will be invited to prepare some translation at home as well as translating unseen in class but the atmosphere is always relaxed and students can set their own pace for independent work. This course is for anyone who is reasonably confident with Latin and who wishes to gain first-hand experience of some of Europe's finest literature and its continued fascination for people today.

Advanced Sewing Skills View details

On this course students who already have sewing skills with learn a range of more technical skills, practicing them on a selection of projects. Through this method of learning students will understand when it is appropriate to use each technique to its benefit in their own work. Students will have a number of weeks on the course to use the techniques learnt and apply them to projects of their choice with support and guidance from the tutor

Advanced Sewing Skills & Dressmaking View details

Advanced Spanish View details

The course is aimed at learners who have completed a beginners' course in Spanish or who have substantial experience of speaking the language. We will develop structures and vocabulary learned in previous courses through more detailed study of a variety of themes. Learners will have an opportunity to express wishes, emotions, impersonal expressions, recommendations, doubts/denials and hopes with the subjunctive mood in topics such as traditions, media, publicity, art, literature and current affairs.

Advanced Spanish View details

This course is a very interactive way to perfect your Spanish in a very relaxed and supporting environment.

Adventures in Creative Writing View details

The course will cover many different writing genres from short to on prose, journalism, memoir and poetry. There will be an emphasis on editing and redrafting, performance and getting your work published. An important part of each session will be giving and receiving feedback on each other's work.

Aerial Photography and the Military Monks View details

The course will show a range of air photographic evidence, local, national, discuss the nature of the air perspective; the history and development of the subject with wartime (WW1 &WW2) use and accelerated improvements; modern applications, enlarging the envelope - film types, spy technologies, LIDAR and satellite imagery. Crop marks -ve & +ve, shadow, soil and earthworks will all be discussed as well as mapping the data. The origins, function, organisation and financing of the military monastic orders will all be discussed as well as the decline of the Templars, Hospitallers, Tutonic and Lazarine orders.

Aerobics View details

This course supports learners to develop their skills in Aerobics. Learners will be encouraged to recognise the benefits to their physical and mental well-being of a regular practice of aerobics or fitness skills. Learners with improve their coordination, balance, cardio, suppleness and strength through a variety of movements and exercises.

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