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Yoga with the Elements View details

Earth ~ Stability, Water ~ Fluidity, Fire ~ Power, Air ~ Compassion, Space ~ Expansion. By resonating with the elements and their inherent qualities, we will train the mind and body towards health, emotional balance and connection on a personal level, a communal level and an environmental level.

Modern Greek for Beginners- Online Taster View details

This is a one-off online taster session designed to introduce you to some of the basics of the Greek language and to give you some insight into the Greek lifestyle and culture. In this fun and lively session, you will learn how to greet people and introduce yourself and also how to order a few snacks and drinks at a café and ask for the bill.

Applique View details

Appliqué is a decorative of process where pieces of fabric are applied to another fabric to create a picture or pattern. On this course we will use stitch but other techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.

Into Work - Job search, applications and interview skills View details

Are you changing careers or preparing to enter the job market? Do you need to improve your job search, application and interview skills? then this is the right course for you. On this course you will learn effective job search techniques, how to present your skills and knowledge on a job application form, and look at the most common interview questions and sample responses.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - (free taster) View details

Find out about the content of our short SEND course, meet the tutor & ask questions

Card Making - Summer Breeze View details

On this course we will be making a batch of summer themed cards. How many cards do you think we can we make out of one pad of 6” x 6” paper in 2 sessions? Using different shapes, cuts, layouts and card folds we are going to make as many cards as we can on anything that says summer to you - flowers, beaches, palm trees, gardens, deck chairs, ice cream - yes literally anything summer. They can have any sentiment and be for any age group and gender. Are you up for the challenge?

Driving Theory Test View details

This course is for learners who are going to have a theory test soon. It will help with the questions and terminology used in the theory test. You will do a mock theory test as well.

First look: Japanese cinema View details

There is (even) more to Japanese cinema than Kurosawa or Anime: In this three hour session, we’ll take a first look at Japanese cinema and some of its most important directors and films to get an idea of what themes, styles and genres shape this rich national cinema. A friendly and accessible session organised around watching and discussing clips, open to new and returning students.

Emergency First Aid at Work View details

The course is learning Basic Life Support with Practical aspects which covers CPR, AED. How to deal with first aid in the work placement as well. Also Choking, Bleeding, Shock and minor injuries. Interactive activities to help you deal with emergency scenarios.

Thomas Hardy: That Inspired his Work - The Trumpet Major View details

'The Trumpet Major' is Thomas Hardy's only historical novel. Set in the first decades of the nineteenth century it tells of the love affair between Anne Garland and three separate suitors: John Loveday, a Trumpet Major in the British Army; Bob Loveday, a sailor and brother of John; and Festus Derriman, the nephew of a local squire. Published in 1880, the book has been sold in various editions and adapted for the stage. But how far are the events of the first half of the nineteenth century reflected in the events and characters depicted in his book? How much does Hardy include events and situations that are historically accurate? In this talk I will explore the events and characters of Hardy's novel and compare their experiences with the actual events of the times. Using evidence, we will see how true the depictions are and look at how far life in England during the Napoleonic Wars was like the life that Hardy's characters experience in the story.