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A Walk around Westoe View details

The starting point for the walk is the Westoe Memorial at the top of Westoe Rd, opposite the Westoe pub. The walk will take in a detailed historical survey of Westoe Village and the surrounding area looking at the changing nature of the houses, the environment and the people who lived there in the 18/19 c. The walk will begin at 6.00pm and end at 8pm. Suitable clothing and footwear are required according current weather forecasts for the day. Those who wish to discuss what has been learnt can retire to a local hostelry for refreshment.

Achieving Goals Through Mind-Mapping View details

This course will enable participants to set goals and objectives using mind maps.

Address Your Stress View details

This course will enable people to understand what stress is and how it affects the mind and body.We will look at how we can improve and develop our coping strategies in order to deal better with upsetting situations and how to develop a “Wise Mind “, using simple techniques including relaxation, mindfulness and visualisation. Learning how to regulate our emotions will be explored with particular emphasis on challenging unhelpful thinking patterns. Communication and interpersonal styles will be discussed together with a five step process called STOPP to help combat distressing situations.

Alterations & Customising Advanced View details

This course will develop you skills and interest in up-cycling, customising and altering clothes. We will learn lots of different techniques to rejuvenate clothes. Bring along old clothes and your imagination!

An Introduction to Dressmaking View details

This dressmaking course aims to help students learn and develop their dress making/sewing and pattern making skills. It is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level students who are looking to enhance their existing skills. Course content will cover basic concepts such as learning how to take accurate body measurements and interpreting these to a sewing pattern, developing sewing machine skills from how to set up and operate a sewing machine, through to producing a garment.

An Introduction to First Aid for Volunteers View details

By the end of this course you will be able to... State the role of the First Aider Demonstrate important steps to take when dealing with a first aid incident and an unconscious casualty Show how to conduct basic life support Discuss how to deal with minor first aid incidents

An Introduction to Mythology View details

We begin with the Greek myths of Antigone, Odysseus and Dionysus. The tragic story of Antigone, who rebelled against her uncle the king and buried her outcast brother, performs the conflict between nature and culture which lies at the heart of human identity. Odysseus’ decade-long journey home embodies the theme of The Quest. Dionysus, the wild god of wine, reveals the pleasures and dangers of losing control. On Day Two, we uncover the world’s first ecological catastrophe: the killing of the forest spirit Humbaba in the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh. We draw on the themes of metamorphoses and paradox common to sources as diverse as Hindu creation myths and the Welsh Mabinogion. The day ends, appropriately, with the end of the world, as told in the Norse vision of Ragnarök. Mythical apocalypses often conclude with a rebirth, so can they help us understand the catastrophes of the present?

Archaeology: Food and Drink in the Past View details

What did our ancestors eat and why? Examine the social, cultural and economic factors that have influenced consumption in the human past via a wide range of archaeological evidence from around the world. Investigate not just what past peoples ate, but how they acquired and prepared their food, as well as dietary taboos and luxuries. No formal requirements; everyone welcome and no previous knowledge assumed

Aromatheraphy for Health and Wellbeing View details

The taster session will explore a variety of essential oils and how they can be used at home. A free hand and arm massage demonstration will take place to give an insight into therapeutic massage and how this can impact on ones health and well-being.

Aromatheraphy for Health and Wellbeing View details

During the course you will discover natural remedies and have the opportunity to put this into practice while making a range of skin and cleaning products to your liking. You will recognise how essential oils can help combat colds coughs and skin disease as well as other ailments which will be invaluable for future reference. You will practice mindfulness throughout the course and recognised how this can help improve your overall health and well-being.

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