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Starting your own Business View details

This course is suitable for those considering starting their own business, whether home based or on a larger scale. It will provide information about the mandatory requirements of setting up a company and explain about the different types of companies. Participants will learn the key elements of writing a business plan, doing market research and identifying a unique product line. They will be able to create a budget for the initial start up, prepare a marketing strategy and outline how they will create revenue.

Student Celebration Event (Solent Community Fund) View details

This course will provide basic, hospitality experience in a real-life setting for those wishing to engage in voluntary work or employment. The course will focus on giving and following instructions and working as part of a team. In addition, there will be a strong focus on engaging and dealing with the public.

Understanding Culture and Community View details

This course will offer a different approach to building confidence and self-esteem. Learners will be working on their communication skills in a safe, informal and fun way. It will introduce the different cultural activities and events in the UK. There will be very little written work on this course.

Up-Cycling with Arts and Crafts View details

Come along to this upcycle taster course and learn how to create paper beads from magazines. Create beautiful ornaments and/or jewellery pieces. Cope with stress through creativity.

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