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Abbeydale Writers View details

Content will be flexible covering, Form, Expression, Characterisation, Plot, etc. depending on the needs of each individual learner. Learners will share their work with the group, and the Tutor will provide examples of published writing to support the work being done, where necessary.

Acapella Singing for Women: Harmony and Health View details

This course is for women who want to sing together while learning about how good singing is for you! Sing acapella (unaccompanied) harmony songs from around the world and learn techniques to improve your singing, breathing,posture and health. You don't need to be able to read music and you won't be asked to sing solo. Songs will be taught by ear in a relaxed and supportive environment. You will learn rounds, harmony and simple polyphonic songs from a range of vocal traditions including Eastern European, Gospel, Maori, and African countries. The emphasis is on enjoyment and well-being, rather than being 'good at singing'.

Action Towards Inclusion- Feeling Good About Yourself View details

The more positive you feel about yourself can make an amazing difference to what you can achieve in life. This course will help you to reflect on yourself and explore practical ways to change your attitude about yourself.

Action Towards Inclusion- Growing in Confidence 1 View details

This course explores how confidence can affect people in different ways. We will look at a range of practical approaches to help manage your confidence levels and look at ways of increasing your confidence.

Action Towards Inclusion- Growing in Confidence 2 View details

This course explores how to manage your confidence in different situations and how to prepare yourself if things go wrong.

Advanced French View details

this French course taught by a native speaker will encourage students to join in group discussions & role plays regarding French, political, economical, environmental & social life. We will also revise grammatical points as & when require.

Advanced German View details

This course will cover: Cultural events. Holidays. History. Geography. Literature.

Adventures in Astronomy View details

An introduction to Astronomy, to cover the basics of: what is visible in the night sky with the naked eye: the constellations, the moon and the planets, with a little more in-depth study of some topics

Afternoon Yoga for Everybody View details

The course is suitable for all ages, for beginners and those who already practise yoga. The practices will involve a wide range of techniques including body, breath, meditation, study and reflection.

Alexander the Great View details

Alexander the Great is one of the most famous individuals in history. This course examines how far he deserves the title “the Great”. We will trace his rise from the obscurity of Macedonia to the conquest of the Persian Empire and an early death in Babylon. The day will focus especially on his military campaigns that took him to Egypt, Persia and the Indus Valley. Does he deserve to be called "the Great" or not?