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A Day of Mixed Media Landscapes View details

A Day of Mixed Media - an opportunity to explore and experiment with different media and how they work together. We will, for example, use collage, printing, paints, ink, pastels, charcoal, photocopies in various combinations. Over the day we will aim to complete a piece of work based on landscape, looking at and discussing artists' work for inspiration.

A History of India View details

The course will begin by looking closely at the decline of the Kushan dynasty of northern India, and the subsequent emergence of the Gupta dynasty. We will consider the various theories regarding its origins and early expansion, as well as considering its cultural and imperial growth under its first emperors. In particular a detailed consideration of the reign of Chandragupta II will be made and the successes achieved in the unification of Indian culture during his time. We will go on to look at the wider cultural and political impact of the Guptas across India and its outlying regions (including social, artistic, literary and religious developments), as well as considering the condition and persistence of the Tamil kingdoms of the south. We will conclude by considering the importance of the Kidarites and other "White" Huns, and their potential for the destabilisation of northern India, as well as other "native" factors threatening the decline of the Gupta dynasty.

A Munitionette's View View details

Led by Angela Williams who is currently the Rotherwas ROF Front Line Duty Project Officer based at HARC. The workshop will look at aspects of life at the munitions factory in Rotherwas, Hereford during WW1 and WW2 - the dangers, the dramas and the day-to-day routine.

A Portrait of Henry James in his Middle Years View details

Henry James began his life a member of a renowned and gifted American family. His earliest published works were short stories and novellas. But in the middle of his life he appeared to gravitate away from his family and his country; his work became longer and more complex. It was just at this point that he wrote The Portrait of a Lady, which remains perhaps his best loved novel. In this course we shall concentrate upon this period of his life, measuring the extent to which The Portrait of a Lady represents a distinct break with the author's earlier work. Is this novel best read as a European novel with an American heroine? Or is it not?

A Practical Guide to Driving Theory for Speakers of Other Languages View details

Bespoke course for asylum seekers

A Selection of Famous Poems through the Ages View details

We will look at a selection of poems written in English through the centuries, many of them well-known and part of our culture. No previous poetry reading experience is required. Suitable for everyone.

A Stitch in Time View details

This course is suitable for absolute beginners to creative textiles and also students who would like to experiment with and investigate other textile processes. We shall explore creating functional works e.g. Bags, cushions, books and wall-hangings, also consider textile influences. It will provide learners with the opportunity to be involved in the wider community and helps build learners confidence in expressing ideas and sharing skills.

A Walk around Westoe View details

The starting point for the walk is the Westoe Memorial at the top of Westoe Rd, opposite the Westoe pub. The walk will take in a detailed historical survey of Westoe Village and the surrounding area looking at the changing nature of the houses, the environment and the people who lived there in the 18/19 c. The walk will begin at 6.00pm and end at 8pm. Suitable clothing and footwear are required according current weather forecasts for the day. Those who wish to discuss what has been learnt can retire to a local hostelry for refreshment.

Abbeydale Writers View details

Content will be flexible covering for example, expression, characterisation and plot, depending on the needs of each individual learner. Learners will share their work with the group, and the tutor will provide examples of published writing to support the work being done, when necessary.

Aboriginal Art View details

In this course we will have a look at Aboriginal artwork from its inception as cave paintings possibly up to 50,000 years old , to today's million dollar canvasses which have wowed the international art market in recent years. We will look at the subject matter which inspired the Aboriginal peoples to paint , for example the animals they hunted in ancient days, or ''maps'' showing the activities of the ancestors in the mythical Dreamtime. We will look at the materials used and the technical language, in the form of symbols , used. We will then use this information to produce our own artwork , firstly by making versions of existing works , but then possibly by producing individual work using some aspect of Aboriginal artwork as inspiration.

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