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“Herstory”: The Forgotten Women of History View details

Why are men are at the forefront when we talk about history? Who are the forgotten, yet ground-breaking, women of history? How does gender affect our daily lives and how has this changed over time? From Anne Lister’s diaries to the second wave feminists’ idea of wages for housework, from early animationist Lotte Reiniger to the quite recent Magdalene Laundries, we examine changing perceptions about gender and gender roles through the last 300 years.

70 Years that Transformed Britain - 1637-1707 View details

In 70 years the British political world is turned upside down. One King is publicly executed and his second son flees into exile after the last successful foreign invasion of these isles. By the end of this period, Parliament is politically dominant, Protestantism is in the ascendancy, Ireland is a colony and a new political entity - Britain - has been created. None of this was inevitable. So whilst this course looks at what happened and why, it also examines movements that did not succeed. The political radicals - Levellers, Diggers- the messianic religious groups - the Ranters and Shakers - and try and see them in their own light. Whilst these 70 years are amongst the important decades in British history, dynamism is not limited to politics. With great literature - Paradise Lost, Pilgrim's Progress, Restoration comedies - pioneering science - Newton, Hooke, Royal Society - and fascinating insight into day to day life - Pepys Diaries,-this is history that resonates down the ages

A Restless Nation: Riot and Disorder in the South View details

A peaceful nation with an established order in which everyone knew their place, or a nation in which riot, disorder and popular protest were not uncommon events? This course looks at the long history of popular discontent and disturbance in England and how, why and where people massed to air their grievances. Religion, wages, work and food disturbances and many more reasons both nationally and locally why, and where our ancestors took to the streets. Who was involved, and what were the outcomes. The English were revolting, or were they just protesting and, if so why?

A Selection of Great American Poets View details

Join us in discovering some of the greatest of American poetry. We will study Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Bishop and more.

A World Beyond Brexit View details

Whilst Britain is totally obsessed by Brexit, the rest of the world has not stopped still. This course looks at some of the most important issues facing the world, from climate change to rising tensions between China and America and problems in parts of Africa, Middle East and the Americas. And if Brexit is still a burning issue this autumn, maybe even that as well. Plenty of time for discussion.

Action Towards Inclusion Helping with SEND Initial Assessment session View details

Action towards Inclusion- Managing Relationships View details

Throughout our lives we will have many different types of relationships with a wide range of people. The course will explore the different issues we can have with different relationships including family members, friends, partners, neighbours, work / volunteer colleagues, and professionals. The course will enable you to review different relationships and how they are working, highlighting where issues need to be addressed and the impact these different relationships have on you.

Active Voices - Who Do You Want to Be? Taster day school event View details

Who do you want to be? Discussing the future of adult education and its role in a democratic society by questioning the following: You are what you say? You are what you learn? You are what you wear?

Adult and Child First Aid Workshop View details

A short session covering Emergency first aid for Adult and Child An informal workshop to learn some life saving skills in an emergency situation

Advanced French View details

this French course taught by a native speaker will encourage students to join in group discussions & role plays regarding French, political, economical, environmental & social life. We will also revise grammatical points as & when require.