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Art and Craft the Multicultural Way: North Africa with Jane Livne View details

On this course you will learn about a variety of arts and crafts and also about the general visual culture of North Africa. This will involve watching slide shows, You tube clips and looking at books. You will then be encouraged to choose some element of what you have seen to incorporate into your own art or craft work. We have many types of media available e.g. paint, drawing materials, silk paints, embroidery materials, lino printing materials, clay. You will be able to choose something you are already familiar with or try something completely new. The atmosphere is very informal and supportive. Students often chat about each others' work and share ideas.

Creative Writing - Explorations and Narratives with Deborah Tyler-Bennett View details

Do you write and want to make your writing the best it can be, and would you like to work with a published author on honing your skills? This course enables you to stretch the techniques you already know, whilst learning some new ones in the company of like-minded writers. Exercises cover both poetry and prose, and analyse how you can get the most out of your chosen words. So come along, have a go at writing that expands your techniques, and helps you find your unique writing 'voice'.

Introduction to Tai Chi and Health Qigong Level 1 with Jan Jackson View details

These forms of exercises combine body movements and mental stimulation. The gentle movements energise the body without putting undue strain on joints and muscles. Practiced regularly these exercises will help relieve stress and tension, help with body balance and increase a general sense of well being.

Tai Chi and Health Qigong for Health and Relaxation Level 2 with Jan Jackson View details

This beneficial way to exercise combines body movements and mental stimulation. It also helps posture and co-ordination. The gentle movements energise the body without putting undue strain on joints and muscles. Practiced regularly will help to relieve stress and tension and increase a sense of well being.

Women in Art with Bob Moulder View details

This course will study the careers of a selection of women artists, focusing on one particular artwork per artist. We will consider the issues they had to confront to establish careers and the extent to which, in some instances, close association with male artists helped or hindered. The artists to feature will include: Constance Mayer; Marie Bashkirtseff; Laura Knight; Hannah Höch; Frieda Kahlo; Emily Carr; Dorothea Tanning and Paula Rego. There is scope to include additional artists.

Knowledge and Morality: Universal or Relative? with Bettina Lange View details

Scientific knowledge is regarded as reliable, but not everyone accepts this and science continues to evolve. Does this mean that knowledge is relative rather than universal? What is regarded as morally acceptable has changed a great deal - slavery for example is no longer seen as justified. But certain moral judgements seem to have remained the same over the centuries - for example, that it is wrong to kill the innocent. Does this mean there are different moralities or is there just one? Or if there are different moralities, should there be just one universal morality? Philosophers have always thought about these questions, and in this short course you have the opportunity to use some of their ideas to explore them. The course is aimed at those new to Philosophy.

Level 1 Award in Stress Awareness View details

This is an accredited course. You will need to talk to a member of staff and do a short activity to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464 On this course you will learn about the causes of stress and the effects stress can have on health. You will also learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and look at ways of preventing or reducing stress.

Spring Creative Writing: Inspired by Edward Thomas and Robert Frost View details

Edward Thomas (UK) and Robert Frost (US) are both poets who could be defined as ahead of their time. Their poetry exploring humanity's relationship with nature, even during wartime, outlines many ecological concerns that are still to the fore. If you're a poetry writer who uses nature in your work, or even if you'd just like to have a go at writing a poem inspired by Frost and Thomas, then come along. This course is taught by a published poet who counts both writers as a great influence on her own work. So, explore the poetic roads taken by two poets ahead of their time, and discuss what their work could mean for poets writing today.

Learning Walk: Brush Up Your Map Reading with Alastair Clark View details

Over the course of this short walk we will re-visit some key map reading skills, noting key features shown on the map as we make our way round the route. This walk will give you the chance to follow the route we take on your own copy of the Ordnance Survey Explorer Map. The course will take place over a walk which sets off from the old market place in Wirksworth (next to Hope and Anchor pub) DE4 4ET

Two Artists: Two Paintings with Bob Moulder View details

this course will explore topics spanning art history to the art of tomorrow. While some sessions will be pre-planned, others may be a response to topical news items, issues and events that arise in the art world during the course, with scope for student suggestions. Generally - but not exclusively - the focus in each session will be on two artists and a particular work by each of them, Some artists we will look at will be famous, others more obscure, but relevant background material will be provided. Students will be encouraged to debate, draw on their own past experiences and existing knowledge to make connections and form opinions.