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Asking Philosophical Questions - Knowledge and Reality View details

Philosophical questions are distinctive, different from scientific or practical questions for example. Philosophy explores fundamental issues such as what we can know and what is real. Each of these issues is examined in a particular 'branch' of Philosophy - the theory of knowledge (epistemology) and metaphysics. This course provides an introduction to these questions and branches of Philosophy.

Beginner's Photography View details

Properly managed Depth of Field allows us to "lose" backgrounds (and foregrounds!) that do not enhance the image being taken. This course will look at it's use in both close and longer distance photography. What is actually happening in the camera and why film speed is available on a device that has no film in it will be explained. A mixture of examples, explanation and practical exercises will comprise the session.

Chinese Brush Painting View details

Using traditional Chinese Brush Painting tools equipment and materials we will explore subject matter such as bird and flower, landscapes etc

Concert Tasters: More Choral Tapestries View details

Whether you’re a seasoned concert-goer or first-timer, join us to sample some of the music being performed at concerts in Derby in the coming months. We will take a lively, user-friendly look at a varied selection of works. We will listen to and discuss recorded extracts, and the discussion may place the music in a wider context including, where relevant, the composers’ lives and careers, relevant works by the same or other composers, and more general cultural issues. This fourth session will feature music from Derby Choral Union’s concert on 13 April – the overture to Mozart’s opera Così fan Tutte, Vivaldi’s Gloria, and Beethoven’s Mass in C.

Controversial Kings & Queens of England from 1066-1485 View details

‘I would sell London itself if only I could find a rich enough buyer’, Richard The Lionheart reputedly lamented. Beginning with his ancestor’s successful invasion of England in 1066, this course traces other controversial monarchs who have shaped the country in their struggles with each other, parliament and France.

Creative Writing Workshop View details

This course allows new and previous students, or those considering doing a creative writing course to take a taster of what this might be like. A day of fun - experimenting with poetry and prose in small chunks. Come and have a go!

Drawing and Making View details

This course is about drawing from observation using a range of different materials. We will also look at the work of established artists, both historical and contemporary and use their work as inspiration.

Drawing and Painting the Multicultural Way View details

In this course we will look at the visual culture of a chosen area of the world in its widest form. We will do this by looking at books, power point presentations, and by researching on the internet .In previous years we have looked at places such as Africa, the Caribbean, India, to name just a few. We will identify the characteristic styles, media used and popular subject matter. We will then find ways for you to incorporate some of those elements into your own work. We have many different media for you to try or you may wish to improve in a medium you are already familiar with . In the past students have worked in various textile and 3d media as well as in the more familiar drawing and painting. We are lucky to have a good supply of media such as silk painting supplies, lino printing supplies, batik, clay etc.

Drawing with Thread View details

Using simple embroidery techniques you will use your needle and thread to draw and 'colour in' illustrations of your own making or use prepared designs to follow. This will be a fun and relaxed workshop where you can experiment and combine the art of embroidery will illustration.

Frida Kahlo Inspired Cloth Doll Workshop View details

In the doll making world Frida Kahlo is a hugely popular character to recreate. We will look at the wonderful work of this artist and her outfits which have inspired so many and become a well known trend. You will design and create your own cloth doll complete with flowers in her hair.