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BBO Money Sorted in D2N2:Planning on a Budget & Saving on Bills View details

This course will help you identify and highlight the basic methods of successful budgeting. Also this course centres around looking at various comparison websites to choose the best deals for various services, including telephone, internet and energy and looking at ways in which to reduce the cost of running a home.

BBO Money Sorted in D2N2:Debt Awareness & Comparing Credit View details

During the course we will highlight the basic methods of successful budgeting and offer you the opportunity to go online and investigate the best credit deals available and comparing them using the latest tools.

BBO Money Sorted in D2N2:Support your Finances with IT View details

This course will help you identify and highlight the basic methods of successful budgeting. you will also look at various comparison websites to choose the best deals for various services, including telephone, internet and energy and looking at ways in which to reduce the cost of running a home.

Life Drawing and Painting View details

This friendly and relaxed class will provide the opportunity for you to develop your painting and drawing skills as well as your knowledge and appreciation of art working from the life model. This course is designed for all levels and abilities with individual guidance from the tutor. We will look at different approaches and styles of work in life drawing and painting and there will be opportunity to develop your confidence and individual way of working.

Intermediate Spanish View details

Extend your conversation skills in Spanish: enhance fluency in present, past and future. Further investigation of the culture and traditions of Spain and learn more popular proverbs and sayings.Specific topics for the term can be negotiated in more depth with students at the first session. Build knowledge of the language as a whole and deepen your understanding of more complex structures . Give short presentations.

Philosophy : How to have better arguments View details

Conflict and disagreement are seen by some as undesirable, while others (appear to) provoke them (on social media for example). Consensus and social harmony are seen by some as essential for a good life, while for others they are 'fake' because they deny the reality of social conflicts. Between those extremes, the course examines features of a helpful attitude to conflict - for example assuming that the other person/side have reasons for their views; that it can be harder for some to be heard; that 'listening to' does not have to mean 'agreeing with'. It questions the obligation to 'tolerate the intolerant'; provides some useful tools from argumentation theory to enable participants to think and present their ideas with greater clarity; and considers examples to distinguish between apparent and real conflicts. Where conflicts are real, it attempts to understand the source of the conflict - for example, incompatible fundamental values or interests.

Beginner's Spanish View details

The course will revise the language, pronunciation and number topics examined in terms one and two, look further into Spanish culture and assist you in facing everyday challenges, such as booking and enjoying restaurant meals.

The Age of Alexander View details

This course will look at the last years of Alexander, and consider the character of his final campaigns. We will look at the possible motives ands plans that he may have had in those final years, before going on to look in greater detail at the precise circumstances of his death, as well the various "conspiracy" theories surrounding it. We will go on to examine the circumstances that prevailed in the immediate wake of his death, and provide some analysis of how the key figures of the time came into conflict with one another. In particular, we will consider how these figures then utilised their influence and resources to bring about the conflicts that persisted in years after his death, and how ultimately the victors in that contest came rule over the particular regions that they did.

The Viking Invasions in Britain View details

This course will trace the growth and development of the various Anglo-Saxon, Scots and Welsh kingdoms during the early 9th century, and how these kingdoms interacted with each other in the wake of the first Viking raids. We will go on to look at the impact and effects of the sustained Viking incursions and final invasions, culminating in the struggle against them and the establishment of Danelaw under King Alfred. We will conclude with a brief examination of the survival of Wessex and a separate Anglo-Saxon resurgence under Alfred. We will use sources such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Church records and early Welsh poetry in order to create a picture of the culture of the British Isles during the Dark Ages and assess the value of such evidence. You will be introduced to all the major cultural aspects, theology and warfare during the period concerned

Decline of the Roman Empire View details

The course will begin with an examination of the significance of Constantine I and his legitimisation of Christianity, considering the impact that the establishment of the Church created, and the subsequent challenges posed birth to Church and State in the course of the 4th century AD. We will go onto examine the internal crises faced by the Empire through the fourth century and the subsequent impact of the emergence of the Goths. we will look closely at the further challenges posed to the Empire through the 5th century, in particular focussing on the theological crises which erupted in the period, along with the apparent "collapse" of large areas of the Western Empire. We will go onto examine the survival of the Eastern Empire and its restoration under Justinian, before looking at the circumstances of the subsequent challenges posed to it in the later 6h and early 7th centuries, culminating in the catastrophic reign of Phokas.