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1066 and all that - Herefordshire from Alfred the Great to Henry I View details

Herefordshire was one of the few areas of Midland England that avoided the Viking raids. It was annexed as part of Alfred’s kingdom and ruled by his daughter Aethelflaed. Hereford itself became a ‘burh’ –a fortified town – and subsequently a new shire was established as an area of tribute around it. This flourished until the Norman Conquest when Herefordshire became a militarized zone, intensively covered in earthwork castles, as the Normans set-out to annex Wales. This situation is reflected in Domesday Book (1086), which provides a unique portrait of the social and economic state of the region and suggests the framework for a discussion of the church and the revival of urban life. These issues will all be discussed and illustrated in this course.

A Flash in the Pan - Writing Stories Under 1000 Words View details

A dayschool exploring the basics of 'Flash Fiction'. Learners will be taught the definition and origins of the literary style. A series of group exercises will also teach learners how to write original 'FlashFic' themselves.

A Guide to Understanding Paintings View details

The fourth instalment of our stroll through western art history, this course aims to increase your enjoyment when looking at paintings through a series of lectures on artists and their lives, this time including Rembrandt, Matisse, Magritte, British War Artists and some Contemporary Art for good measure...

A Healthy and Happy Body View details

A healthy body is a happy body - discover the benefits of eating well, good nutrition and having a good balanced diet. Learn techniques to help with greater mobility by performing gentle exercise whilst seated in a chair. Enjoy performing relaxation techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety and leave you feeling peaceful and calm.

A Healthy New Me - Pathways View details

A course to help you to rethink your lifestyle, identify areas to change & make a personal plan for a calmer life.

A Spot of Bother:Private affairs with very public consequences medieval & modern View details

On so many occasions in history what ought to have been private matters - claims for inheritances and romantic attachments - have become big news in a very public way and affected a whole country, usually due to the social standing of the people involved. Come along to a relaxed and enjoyable class to find out more about a mixture of such cases ranging from the medieval to modern period where lives have taken such a turn.

A Taste of History View details

Have you ever wondered what frumenty was, or what Roman Army bread was like? What happened when potatoes arrived in Britain? How important was the invention of baking powder? Do you call the mid-day meal lunch or dinner, and why? We will explore how the food on our plate, and the ways we eat it, has changed over time. Each session will focus on a particular period of history and as part of the session we will cook a key dish together to illustrate - and illuminate - how people cooked and ate at the time. Students can join in the practical cooking as much or as little as they wish and no previous experience is necessary.

Abbeydale Writers View details

Content will be flexible covering, Form, Expression, Characterisation, Plot, etc. depending on the needs of each individual learner. Learners will share their work with the group, and the Tutor will provide examples of published writing to support the work being done, where necessary.

Acapella Singing for Women: Harmony and Health View details

This course is for women who want to sing together while learning about how good singing is for you! Sing acapella (unaccompanied) harmony songs from around the world and learn techniques to improve your singing, breathing,posture and health. You don't need to be able to read music and you won't be asked to sing solo. Songs will be taught by ear in a relaxed and supportive environment. You will learn rounds, harmony and simple polyphonic songs from a range of vocal traditions including Eastern European, Gospel, Maori, and African countries. The emphasis is on enjoyment and well-being, rather than being 'good at singing'.

Access to Services View details

Are you sure you know what benefits you are entitled to? Find out more about what's available. This is a course for people who want to know more about their entitlements and benefits. Over the ten week programme you will receive information and advice on claiming benefits and entitlements including housing benefit, working and child tax credits, job seeker's allowance (JSA), pension credit, universal credit, benefits for people who are sick or disabled, employment and support allowance (ESA), disability living allowance for children, personal independence payment, attendance allowance and income support.