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1066 and all that View details

This course will carefully examine the situation facing the rise of Harold Godwinson in 1066, and the pressures he faced upon his accession. We will go on to look at the rival claimants to the English throne, their motives and their manoeuvres. We will finally look in more detail at the circumstances surrounding the fateful battles of Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings, and consider reasons for their outcomes and the kind of tactics used, before making a final analysis of the success of William the Conqueror and his achievement of the English throne by the end of the year.

20th Century thought from German Existentialism to French Postmodernism View details

During the 20th Century two major schools of philosophy developed - one concentrated on the lived experience of the individual hoping to uncover the authentic self where it was philosophy's place to explore the meaning of being, the other suggested that such a project was impossible, that there are only multiple-selves and that there was noting special to the philosophical method. In this day long workshop both traditions as represented by the (infamous) Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault will be explained and examined, looking to see if philosophy is still relevant as a practice.

A Beginners' Introduction to Handwriting 1550-1700 View details

This course, led by Dr Charlotte Berry, will explore the history of handwriting between 1550-1700, as well as covering key skills and strategies in tackling original texts from this period. Practical hands-on sessions are included which will give you the opportunity to start reading example texts. This course follows on from the Introduction to Paleography spring workshop.

A Career in Care View details

On the course you will explore the range of service and job roles available in the adult care sector; develop knowledge of the skills and attributes essential to working in the field and develop an awareness of the legislation, principles and values that underpin the profession.

A Day of Mixed Media Landscapes View details

A Day of Mixed Media - an opportunity to explore and experiment with different media and how they work together. We will, for example, use collage, printing, paints, ink, pastels, charcoal, photocopies in various combinations. Over the day we will aim to complete a piece of work based on landscape, looking at and discussing artists' work for inspiration.

A History of Sheffield Parks and Woodlands View details

Brian Holmshaw is leading a class for the WEA called A History of Sheffield Parks and Woodlands. It will suit beginners and people building on existing knowledge. The first session will use images, maps and documents from a range of time periods to set the scene on the history and development of Sheffield's parks, woodlands and open spaces. The following five sessions will each investigate a different park or wood in the city through site visit. Tuesday afternoons, 2.00-4.00pm for 6 weeks from 12 June to 17 July 2018 with the first session being held at Firth Park Bowling Pavilion, 420 Firth Park Rd, Sheffield S5 6HH. Book on or email for course content.

A Practical Guide to Driving Theory View details

To give students the knowledge and practice to help with passing the Driving Theory test. Students will become acquainted with hazard perception and how to practice for this part of the theory test.

A taste of everything – Pathways taster View details

To take part in a healthy practical cookery session

A Taste of Learning View details

A session of activities designed to engage new students back into learning.

A Taste of Real Bread: Around Europe in three days View details

Gain skills and confidence in making a wide variety of breads from around Europe, ranging from light Mediterranean breads such as ciabatta to heavier Eastern European breads such as Borodinsky. You'll get to take home some tasty loaves at the end of each day! The course also offers an insight into the use of longer fermentation periods and sourdough cultures to produce 'real bread' which is truly good for you as well as being very tasty. The course runs over 3 Fridays: 1st June, 22nd June and 13th July.

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